Bare Bucha Flavors

Ginger Lime

A kick of ginger with a hint of lime, this kombucha will make any moscow mule lover proud. It’s incredibly refreshing with just enough flavor and not overpowering. Ginger Lime is the perfect starting point if you’re new to kombucha. It’s a delicious soda replacement and has the perfect level of carbonation! 

Tropic Thunder

Another great Bare Bucha flavor for beginners, the cranberry and pineapple come together  in a delightful dance with this kombucha. Often referred to as the “Capri Sun” flavor, Tropic Thunder is delightfully refreshing, has just the right amount of “zing,” and can be enjoyed any time of the day. 

Pomegranate Basil

We steep our basil for several days to really infuse the basil flavor. The pomegranate brings a bold and robust flavor with the basil coming in at the end to round off the taste. The combination of the pomegranate and basil makes for an incredibly rich kombucha experience. Best enjoyed at the end of the long day to unwind!

Blueberry Lemon

Blueberries really are the highlight of this Bare Bucha flavor. We use tons of organic blueberries to  get the most “blueberry” flavor possible. We add a little lemon to brighten the flavor and further highlight the blueberry . Delightfully fruity, Blueberry Lemon will satisfy even the most ardent blueberry fan. 


Locally grown lavender is steeped to create an incredibly aromatic and tasty experience with this kombucha. The natural carbonation from the fermentation process makes this drink very light and airy and yet full of flavor. Our lavender Bare Bucha can instantly transport you to a field of lavender no matter the time of year! We’d also like to suggest mixing a bottle of Lavender with our Blueberry Lemon for an incredible flavor experience!


Our Apple flavor changes throughout the year to match the seasons. During Spring and  Summer, our apple flavor is a simple and refreshing flavor made with organic fuji and honeycrisp apples. During Fall and Winter, it evolves into our Apple Cider flavor with a delicious hint of clove and cinnamon to keep you warm during the colder months!


Simple yet satisfying. Our Lemonade flavor can always be relied upon for that consistent, crisp lemon flavor that pairs perfectly with kombucha. The tartness of the lemon with the tart sweetness of the kombucha make for a great afternoon drink.