Welcome to Bare Bucha

Bare Bucha is a handmade, small-batch kombucha made in Waco, Texas. With a passion for quality and taste, attention to detail is our highest priority. 

Kombucha is a great alternative to soda with much less sugar and incredible probiotics your body needs. Provide for your body like it has provided for you and enjoy a bottle of Bare Bucha!

Our Newest Flavor: Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is flavored with cranberry and pineapple to create a truly refreshing, delicious kombucha. 

What Makes Bare Bucha So Good?

Small Batch Production

At Bare Bucha, our focus is quality and not quantity. This is why our kombucha is brewed in small batches. That means after we get done with a brew, all of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned to ensure incredible taste and quality control. 

Quality Ingredients

We use only the best ingredients for our kombucha flavors. That means we use organic and local ingredients as often as possible. We believe you’ll taste the difference!

Locally Made

Our aim is to keep Bare Bucha locally produced no matter where you purchase it. We believe kombucha is best when it is produced and distributed locally. 

How To Get Bare Bucha

As a small-batch brewery, we focus on quality over quantity. With that said, trying to grow distribution while maintaining high levels of quality requires time and attention. We are so proud to make Bare Bucha available in the following ways:


12 Ounce Amber Bottle

Our kombucha is readily available at several locations around Central Texas in our 12 ounce amber bottle. Use the “Find BB” page to see where you can get yourself a bottle!


Half Gallon Growlers

Tropic Thunder and Ginger Limer are available in 64 oz growlers at Happy Harvest in Waco, TX. Other Flavors available upon request. 


Five Gallon Kegs

All of our flavors are available in five gallon kegs upon request. Use our contact us page to let us know if you’re interested!

I’ve never really like kombucha but Bare Bucha has made me a believer! Thank you!

Joe, Waco, TX

I love kombucha and of all the Texas kombuchas, Bare Bucha has by far the best flavor!

Allison, Ft. Worth, TX

My family relies on a steady flow of Bare Bucha to keep us healthy. It’s the only kombucha my kids will drink.

Kris, Waco, TX